How to Care for Your Braid Wig

Our Braid Wigs are lightweight, easy to wear and natural looking. Made from a blend of high quality braiding hair extensions, you can get your favourite wigs in in a variety of styles such as either Knotless Braids, Stitch Braids or Twists & Locs. 

Knowing  how to care for and maintain your wig properly will ensure that it lasts for much longer. I will be outlining tips on how you can care for your braid wig below:

General Care

The first and important tip you need to remember is not to add any kind of shine product to your braid wig before every use. Instead, you can opt for a lightweight oil like jojoba oil and apply hair mousse to smoothen.  

For curly or textured braid wigs like our Goddess Curl Braid Wigs, simply run your fingers through it to comb it. Using your fingers to ensure that you don't snag the hair or disrupt its curl pattern. 

Do not use heat or dye on your wig

Don't use curling irons on your braid wigs. Please, don't. It's not recommended to curl your braid wig with heat as this might damage it. Applying heat to it will otherwise melt it or damage the curl pattern.  Curling irons, flat irons, straighteners and blow dryers are a huge no-no. If you want curls, check out our Wavy & Curly Braid Wigs or Goddess Curl Braid Wigs.

Do not color or dye your wig in any way. Your hair will be thankful for it. Most dyes contain ammonia or bleach which can severely damage your hair. If you want colored hair, check out our Braid Wigs.

How to wash your braid wig

You can watch this video by Lotachi Vanessa on how to care for and maintain your braid wigs:


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