About us

About Us

Goldiluxe Place is a braided wigs store and braiding salon that is dedicated to providing the black woman with convenient, high quality beauty in the form of braids. Black women love their braids, it’s our legacy; but no one loves the time it takes to get them done and a lot of people don’t like having to wear their braids for long.

For the black woman who wants variety, convenience, and the opportunity to just let their hair breathe every single day, Goldiluxe Place stocks some of the most beautiful and best quality braided wigs, all stylish and easy to style and care for.

We stock and sell top quality braided wigs to women within and beyond Africa.

We provide high quality products along with high quality services for our clients and customers, and we are constantly expanding our services to accommodate the beauty needs of our customers.

At the store, you’ll find cheerful staff and a relaxing atmosphere where you can get your hair done just the way you want it.

Our hair extensions and wigs are sourced from the best merchants, and we always have the top trending styles available for our customers.